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    2 years of Brass Perspectives Association BG

    12 April, 2023

    On April 5th, 2023, Brass Perspectives Association turned two. Some would say it’s little, some would say it’s a lot, but for us it’s enough. We can now look back to our first steps in a tempo Allegro molto agitato with satisfaction. We put our heart and soul and set the highest possible criteria of […]

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    Christmas Brass: Through the Winter Darkness EP 2022 feat. Underground Cello Quartet

    9 December, 2022

    Each album is a unique adventure with music that meets us with different people - inspiring, impressive, giving us light. Exactly one year after the premiere of the first album in the "Christmas Brass and Vocal Jazz" project, it's time for a new album and a new premiere again on November 26 2022 with “Christmas […]

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    Dutch Inspiration 2022: Trombone and Brass Ensembles Masterclass with Remko de Jager (NL)

    29 November, 2022

    We look back with satisfaction on the certified International Trombone and Brass Ensembles Master Class held from November 3 to 5, 2022 with Remko de Jager (Netherlands). Although it is not the first event of this type for our team after the visit of the Slokar Quartet in March 2019 and Prof. Gyorgiu Givichan in […]

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    Summer Academy Koprivshtitsa 2022: Shared magical adventure with Music

    4 November, 2022

    Summer is over, autumn is getting more and more beautiful - it's time to tell what happened at the third edition of our certified Summer Academy for Brass Ensembles and Percussion - what was new, what was different, what we will remember fondly. The Academy in 2022 took a significant step forward in its development. […]

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    Christmas Brass and Vocal Jazz - album and limited edition charity CD

    27 November, 2021

    Every album is an amazing musical adventure - inspiring, spectacular, enlightening. An adventure which connects us with new people, with new friends and leads to the most important moment - the premiere. We are delighted to present the Christmas Brass and Vocal Jazz Album - now available on your favorite music platforms. The musical concept […]

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    Summer Academy for Brass Ensembles and Percussion Instruments 2021 in Numbers

    31 August, 2021

    The second edition of the Summer Academy for Brass Ensembles and Percussion Instruments was held between 18th and 23st of August 2021 in the beautiful historical town of Koprivshtitsa. This year the event was very different from the 2020’s one both in duration and as a master classes programme, repertoire and participants. The main organizer […]

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