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  • Christmas Brass and Vocal Jazz - album and limited edition charity CD

    Brass Perspectives BG
    27 November, 2021

    Every album is an amazing musical adventure - inspiring, spectacular, enlightening. An adventure which connects us with new people, with new friends and leads to the most important moment - the premiere. We are delighted to present the Christmas Brass and Vocal Jazz Album - now available on your favorite music platforms.

    The musical concept of our album invites you to a winter journey from Bulgaria to Finland and back traveling through the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany while listening to 9 medieval traditional Christmas songs (between 16 and 19th century) in new, attractive versions for 5 trombones and 5 voices.

    The musicians who play in this album are among the leading trombone players of Bulgaria - soloists of Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Sofia National Opera and Ballet and Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra featuring the a cappella pop jazz singers of Spectrum Vocal Band. The music is a stylish fusion of the classical sound of the trombones with swing and jazz vocal elements. The project is supported by the National Cultural Fund of the Republic of Bulgaria.

    Join us on this journey, by listening to the soundscapes of the most beautiful traditional Christmas songs with a new contemporary and attractive twist, in our Christmas Brass and Vocal Jazz album on all music streaming platforms.

    A limited edition of the album will be released on CD on 1st of December 2021. The main aim of this special release is to kindly ask our listeners and followers to support the educational charity program of Brass Perspectives Association BG, which are as follow: 
    1. Support for talented young musicians in disadvantaged circumstances to play on high quality musical instruments, during the period of their education (between 6th to 12th grade), so that they can improve their playing skills as early as possible.
    2. Support which covers the participation fees of talented students in disadvantaged circumstances, at professional brass academies and masterclasses in Bulgaria, organized by Brass Perspectives Association BG.
    3. Support which will go towards providing the necessary basic equipment, required for playing a musical instrument in the early stages of a child's development. Such equipment will be used for concerts and events within the educational projects of the Association. This includes music scores, music stands, mouthpieces, tuners and any other additional supplies that may be needed.

    If you want to support our educational charity program by donation of 10 Euro and to receive a copy of our Christmas Brass and Vocal Jazz limited edition CD please send us an email to or contact us by phone +359887117162.

    Shipping tax not included!

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    Atanas Karafezliev

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