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    Christmas Brass: Through the Winter Darkness EP 2022 feat. Underground Cello Quartet

    9 December, 2022

    Each album is a unique adventure with music that meets us with different people - inspiring, impressive, giving us light. Exactly one year after the premiere of the first album in the "Christmas Brass and Vocal Jazz" project, it's time for a new album and a new premiere again on November 26 2022 with “Christmas […]

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    Christmas Brass and Vocal Jazz - album and limited edition charity CD

    27 November, 2021

    Every album is an amazing musical adventure - inspiring, spectacular, enlightening. An adventure which connects us with new people, with new friends and leads to the most important moment - the premiere. We are delighted to present the Christmas Brass and Vocal Jazz Album - now available on your favorite music platforms. The musical concept […]

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