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  • Christmas Brass: Estonian Winter EP 2023

    Brass Perspectives
    4 December, 2023

    Each album is an amazing musical adventure meeting us with different people, all inspiring, impressive, and giving us light. Once again,  it’s time for a new music release. True to our holiday tradition created in 2021, on the 26th of November we continue our journey through Northern Europe and its mediaeval Christmas carols in new, fresh arrangements by Bulgarian colleagues for 5 trombones, and special guests. In 2023, our inspiration is leading us to the Estonian winterlands and their magnificent wood and fields, from where we will continue the Nordic trip in 2024.

    The Christmas Brass: Estonian Winter EP (artist Brass Perspectives BG) pieces are online on all the music platforms in stylish arrangements with mediaeval twists by Plamen Prodanov (State Opera Plovdiv, BG). As usual, our special brand is the fascinating trombones quintet that includes the soloists of Bulgarian National Radio prof. Atanas Karafezliev, Kiril Mikhailov, Kaloyan Gorchev and Dimitar Stoev (bass trombone). The fifth member of the quintet in 2023, our special guest and friend is Catherine Schule - trombone player at the State Opera Stara Zagora orchestra. If you want to know more about her, don’t hesitate to follow this link. The trumpet players are the youngsters Martin Bodurov and Pavel Petkov, the joyful percussion section includes the musicians of the BNR Symphony orchestra Radosvet Kukudov and Snezhina Bogdanova. The bright soprano voice you will listen to, belongs to Ivelina Tsoneva (Spectrum Vocal Band).

    “Christmas Brass: Estonian Winter” EP 2023 includes 2 pieces which lead us through the glorious ancient woods and fields of this Baltic state. During these silent, calm moments, nature is sleeping below the blanket of snow. In these moments, the sound of our footsteps and of the bells of galloping sled horses can only be heard from afar.

    ✨The first piece is Läbi lume sahiseva / “Through the squeaky snow” (in the poetic translation of the lyrics of Julius Janson). The main theme of the piece is a traditional Estonian folk song of the 15-16th centuries which is only 18 seconds long. The inspiring work of our new colleague, the arranger Plamen Prodanov, created an elegant, festive variations on this simple theme - a winter journey through the calm beauty of the ancient woods and snow fields of Estonia.

    Läbi lume sahiseva - Variations on traditional Estonian song for trombone quintet, arrangement by Plamen Prodanov, performed by Atanas Karafezliev, Kiril Mikhaylov, Kaloyan Gorchev, Catherine Schule and Dimitar Stoev

    ✨The Christmas Brass: Estonian Winter’s second piece is Tiliseb tiliseb aisakell (“Winter Bells”). The charming, joyful children's song by Leo Virhaus (music) and Julius Oro (lyrics) tell us the story of a galloping sled that travels in the snow through wood and fields.The horses’ bells are ringing while they are running to bring home a father and his sons in time on Christmas eve. The arrangement by Plamen Prodanov creates an optimistic, festive atmosphere of the incoming holiday with a respectful palette of brass and percussion instruments: 5 trombones, trumpets, flugelhorn, glockenspiel and other cute drums. Guest singer is soprano Ivelina Tsoneva

    Tiliseb Tiliseb Aisakell -  music by Leo Virhaus, lyrics by Juliis Oro, arrangement by Plamen Prodanov, performed by Atanas Karafezliev, Kiril Mikhaylov, Kaloyan Gorchev, Catherine Schule, Dimitar Stoev (trombones), Martin Bodurov, Pavel Petkov (trumpet, flugelhorn), Snezhina Bogdanova, Radosvet Kukurov (percussion), Ivelina Tsoneva (soprano)

    Join us in our journey to Estonian winterlands 2023 but always be home for Christmas.
    Listen to the “Christmas Brass: Estonian Winter” songs on the music platforms (artist Brass Perspectives BG). If you prefer Spotify, we are HERE.🎄Brass Perspectives Association Bulgaria team wishes you happy, cosy holidays, filled with enlightening, good health, prosperity and joy! ❄️ Merry Christmas and glorious, happy New 2024, friends! ⛄️

    ❄️🎄⛄️🎄✨🎄 ❄️

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    Our music is available on more than 30 platforms, search for artist Brass Perspectives BG.
    The music journey through the mediaeval traditional winter carols of Northern Europe will continue on 26th of November 2024 ...


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