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  • Dutch Inspiration 2022: Trombone and Brass Ensembles Masterclass with Remko de Jager (NL)

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    29 November, 2022

    We look back with satisfaction on the certified International Trombone and Brass Ensembles Master Class held from November 3 to 5, 2022 with Remko de Jager (Netherlands). Although it is not the first event of this type for our team after the visit of the Slokar Quartet in March 2019 and Prof. Gyorgiu Givichan in November 2021, the Lowlands-inspired master class was an extremely important step for the Brass Perspectives Association. A step with which we start an ambitious program of international master classes for brass instruments, whose calendar includes certified trainings and concerts with teachers from Northern Europe twice a year.

    The International master class of trombone and brass ensembles with Remko de Jager was again held in partnership with the NMA "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov". We express our special gratitude to the rector of the Academy Prof. Dr. Sava Dimitrov for the invaluable support and the halls provided for the trainings and the final concert.

    This master class is the first project that we implement with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in our country. We believe that we are starting a successful long-term partnership, which we will develop with various attractive projects and events in the future dedicated to Dutch brass music. We express our deep gratitude to His Excellency the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Simon van der Burgh for both the support and the honour he showed us by his presence at the closing concert of the International Trombone and Brass Ensemble Master Class. Moreover, His Excellency personally presented the certificates to the participants of the master class together with the teacher Remko de Jager in the short ceremony in the middle of the closing concert - itself in a peculiar, impressive rhythm, recalling both the intensity of training in days gone by and the tranquillity of the Low Earth.

    The international master class trombone and brass ensembles was the first visit of Remko de Jager - trombonist in the New Trombone Collective and in the Rotterdam Symphony Orchestra, teacher of tenor and bass trombone and brass instrument training methodology at the Amsterdam Conservatory. We are looking forward to what he will share as impressions of this trip in the special interview we are currently working on for the "Brass Stories" project. Our invitation to him as a teacher in the master class was sent at the suggestion of Emil-George Atanassov, who was an assistant teacher in the trombone and brass ensemble master classes and was responsible for the preliminary preparation of the repertoire for the training and communication with the trombonists who expressed a desire to participate in the master class. The reason is clear - the admiration that Emile-George's feels for Remko de Jager as his mentor and role model. Something we all felt in the three days of intensive work in the project.

    Traditionally, for the events of the Brass Perspectives Association BG, the accompanist was Mrs. Snezhana Abrasheva, whose tireless work and professionalism at the highest level are recognized by all colleagues in the community of brass instruments who had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Abrasheva, as well as with the numerous students at NMU "Lyubomir Pipkov" and at NMA "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov", who have relied on her in the process of their studies over the years.

    We are delighted that the Trombone and Brass Ensemble Masterclass was international as well with the presence of Jorge Nieto (Spain / Vratsa Symphony Orchestra) and Chinese NMA students Zhenyuan Li and Sung Shilong. We are glad that we also had representatives from the music schools in Sofia and Burgas, as well as from SU "Lyuben Karavelov" in Koprivshtitsa - our host for three editions of the Summer Academy for Brass Ensembles and Percussion. And we are extremely pleased that three of the trumpet players who took part in the pilot trumpet master class of Dr. Peter Makedonski in Koprivshtitsa in 2022 without hesitation joined the participants in the brass ensembles: Krum Delin, Alexander Hariev and Pavel Petkov.

    The program of the closing concert of the International Trombone and Brass Ensemble Master Class with Remko de Jager was more than ambitious. It was important for us as organizers that we strengthened our tradition that not only the participants but also their teachers play at these concerts. Thus, the audience had the opportunity to hear live solo performances by Remko de Jager and his duet with Emil-George Atanasov. Our Dutch guest chose only two of the participants in the trombone master class for solo performances: they were Dancho Gevezov (9th grade at SU "Lyuben Karavelov" - Koprivshtitsa) and Jorge Nieto. Heartfelt congratulations to both trombonists! Acknowledgments also to the students of percussion instruments of ch. assistant professor Dr. Miroslav Dimov, who joined us for the final piece in the concert.

    And we are already working on the preparation of the next two master classes in 2023: at the end of March with the Finnish trumpeter Tero Lindberg - Golden Trumpet and in the second half of November with the Swedish trombonist and arranger Lars Carlin. Stay tuned for details on the March International Masterclass with Tero Lindberg in January 2023.

    See an album from the concert on 05.11.2022 of our official photographer Vesela Ilkova here.
    More photos from the training days with Remko de Jager from 3 to 5 November 2022 here.

    Translation in English: Tsvetelina V. Georgieva

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