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  • International Masterclass for trombone and brass ensembles feat. Lars Karlin (28-30.03.2024)

    Brass Perspectives
    11 December, 2023

    The programme of international educational events of Brass Perspectives Association BG is increasingly well known to the young colleagues - brass musicians from the country and the Balkans. In 2024 the Association will hold 2 certified international masterclasses featuring two of the brightest stars on contemporary and jazz music stage: the Swedish trombonist and arranger Lars Karlin (28 - 30.03.2024) and the British jazz trumpetist Gerard Presencer.

    If you wonder what they both have in common with the Northern Europe concept of our masterclasses programme, the answer is the Kingdom of Denmark. The reasons are two:
    First of them is the expanding collaboration with the colleagues from the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and the Danish Big Band (both ensembles presenting the Danish Broadcasting Company - DR). Lars Karlin serves as the principal trombone of the Symphony orchestra, Gerard Presencer - as the principal trumpet of the Big Band. 
    The other reason is the fascinating support that we receive by the Embassy of Denmark in Bulgaria from 2021. We would like to express once again our gratitude to His Excellency Ambassador Jes Nielsen and his team.

    The certified International Masterclass for trombone and brass ensembles feat. Lars Karlin will be held between 28th and 30st of March 2024 in Sofia, Bulgaria, in a partnership with YAMAHA Europe, the National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” and the Embassy of Denmark in Bulgaria. The activities will be held at the building of NMA on 6, Ludmil Stoyanov Str. The listeners can participate in the morning’s warm-ups. The Masterclass programme includes a special lecture module presenting the nowadays Swedish composers who are specialised in brass music. The event’s final concert will be held at the Great hall of NMA “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” on 30st of March 2024. Stay tuned for the detailed programme by hours! 

    REGISTRATION for international participants starts on 11th of December 2023.
    Deadline - 23.03.2024
    Please use the APPLICATION FORM HERE

    The registration is considered active only after the amount transfer by bank account or PayPal.
    Step one: You need to complete the application form.
    Step two: You will receive a confirmation email by our team with the details for the payment. The email is not automatic. You will have 5 working days to complete the procedure.
    Please use the APPLICATION FORM.

    Group registration discounts are available upon request. 
    Cancelation option refunding (65%) till 17.03.2024
    For additional information and support contact us on or mobile +359887117162

    Beside the fact that he is among the brightest stars of YAMAHA in classical and contemporary brass, Lars Karlin is a fascinating ambassador of Scandinavian culture. He is a Swedish performing artist and arranger who works with the most prominent ensembles and orchestras in Europe. Lars Karlin started to play trombone at the age of twelve at the Music school in Borlänge, Sweden. His first teacher was Hans-Göran ”Bullas” Olsson. The further education of the young trombonist includes the Conservatory in Falun and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where his teacher was the legendary prof. Sven-Erik Eriksson - one of the prominent figures of Swedish brass music during the second part of the 20th and the beginning of the 21 century.

    Lars Karlin continued his education at the University of Music and Theater in Hannover, Germany, under prof. Jonas Bylund and at the University of the Arts in Berlin under Andreas Klein. He studied private courses in "Performance Mastery under Peak Performance" by Psychologist Ph.D. Don Greene in Los Angeles, the USA. Lars Karlin is a prizewinner of numerous national and international trombone and brass ensembles competitions including Lieksa International Trombone Competition (2008), Aeolus International Competition for Winds (2010) and Deutsche Musikwettbewerb (2011).

    In 2008 Lars was among the founding members of the Trombone Unit Hannover both as performing artist and arranger. In 2018 together with his fellow bass trombonist Tomer Maschkowski and the pianist Ohad Ben - Ari they created the successful music show “Sliding through the Opera” with arrangements by Lars Karlin only. He has an impressive experience as a member of the biggest philharmonic and opera orchestras in Germany and Scandinavia. Since 2020 Lars has served as the principal trombone of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra

    An ambitious performing artist and inspiring arranger, Lars is among the best classical and contemporary brass musicians of YAMAHA. He plays tenor trombone YSL-882 OD and alto trombone prototype by his concept that we hope to see in Sofia. 

    Stay tuned for more updates!

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