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    International Masterclass for trombone and brass ensembles feat. Lars Karlin (28-30.03.2024)

    11 December, 2023

    The programme of international educational events of Brass Perspectives Association BG is increasingly well known to the young colleagues - brass musicians from the country and the Balkans. In 2024 the Association will hold 2 certified international masterclasses featuring two of the brightest stars on contemporary and jazz music stage: the Swedish trombonist and arranger […]

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    Finnish Inspiration 2023: Popular Music Masterclass with Tero Lindberg - the Golden Trumpet (FI)

    19 November, 2023

    Just before the end of 2023, we look back at the challenges we faced. We had been discussing the idea of making a separate line of educational events for popular music since the Autumn of 2021. In March 2023, it turned from an idea into a reality with the International Masterclass with Georgi Velev and […]

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    Dutch Inspiration 2022: Trombone and Brass Ensembles Masterclass with Remko de Jager (NL)

    29 November, 2022

    We look back with satisfaction on the certified International Trombone and Brass Ensembles Master Class held from November 3 to 5, 2022 with Remko de Jager (Netherlands). Although it is not the first event of this type for our team after the visit of the Slokar Quartet in March 2019 and Prof. Gyorgiu Givichan in […]

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