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  • The “Brass Stories” Online Project won a year of funding by the National Cultural Fund of Bulgaria

    Brass Perspectives BG
    31 August, 2021

    Despite the strong competition, our online project "Brass Stories” won a one-year full funding at the session held in the module of Innovative models for criticism by programme Criticism 2021 of National Cultural Fund of the Republic of Bulgaria. The concept was inspired by nearly 150-years of Bulgarian brass music history which reveals the almost forgotten and unknown world of the Bulgarian musical past as well as attractive and ambitious aspects of our present and future. This happens through a series of interactive articles and interviews with composers, orchestrators, conductors and performing artists who have connected their professional career and destiny with the music for brass instruments in Bulgaria.

    We are honored to share some of the motives which made our project “Brass Stories” of Brass Perspectives Association BG approved by the National Cultural Fund of Republic of Bulgaria: “The project scope includes many and in different archival and current critical informational materials, which in the strategy of the project implementation it reveals to the world a page of the Bulgarian cultural tradition from the past to the present. The proposed online project successfully overcomes the borderline and national image of the artistic performances of brass instruments, acquainting the world's cultural community with Bulgarian and foreign art examples. With a perspective for maintaining the platform with regular criticism related to the specifics of this kind of art, the project will engage the world’s cultural community with information, problems, innovations and interpretations in learning about Bulgarian and foreign examples of music and performance. The project has the potential to develop both national and international audiences. It is original and prestigious. The personal and institutional interactions and partnership are also set in the present.”

    Brass Stories Project starts in September 2021!

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    Atanas Karafezliev

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