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    21 April, 2023

    We are pleased to announce that the Liszt Institute is the new partner of the Brass Perspectives Association BG. In 2023, the Hungarian Culture Institute celebrate its 75th anniversary in our country. We are grateful that its team is supporting our project – the visit of our colleagues from Szeged TRombone ENsemble to Bulgaria with several musical events – which we have been preparing since the autumn of 2021. The highlight event will be the ensemble’s concert in Sofia on June 15th, 2023, which will take place in the Sofia University main hall at 7.30 pm as part of the programme of the 23rd Edition of the European Music Festival, traditionally organised by Cantus Firmus Music Agency in a collaboration with Sofia Municipality and the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria.

    The idea for this visit is a natural continuation of Prof. György Gyivicsan’s master classes organised by our team in Sofia in March 2019 (as a participant in the emblematic Slokar Quartet) and in November 2021 with an individual master class for trombone and brass ensembles. At the end of this master class, we decided that the next step in our collaboration will be namely the guest appearance of the Szeged TRombone ENsemble, whose founder and leader is prof. György Gyivicsan.

    At the end of August 2022, we presented our project to the attention of the Liszt Institute - Hungarian Cultural Institute Sofia and were met with goodwill and an outstretched hand of support on the part of the Director, Mrs Szandra Miskédi and her team. So now it's Spring time and preparations for the Szeged TRombone Ensemble’s visit to our country are well underway. Stay tuned for details. The events programme is coming soon!

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    Atanas Karafezliev

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