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    Lars Karlin: Swedish trombone vibes with yoga chic 

    21 April, 2024

    The trombone guest-teachers in the international masterclasses, organised by the Brass  Perspectives Association BG, are an impressive constellation of performing artists with a strong personality: from the visit of Branimir Slokar and Slokar Quartet in 2019 through the events feat. György Gyivicsan in 2021 and 2023, Remko de Jager in 2022  to Lars Karlin, whose […]

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    Jorge Felipe Nieto: From Zamora through Maastricht to Vratsa with a scent of Spanish charm 

    8 February, 2024

    The opportunities of exchange of classical and contemporary musicians from around the world are among the most interesting aspects of the 21st century’s globalisation. It's a little bit sad that our BG colleagues often forget that this is an exchange in both directions. Since 2018 the opera’s and philharmonic orchestras in Bulgaria welcome musicians from […]

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    Dimitar Stoev: Thoughts on trombone, bass trombone, and honesty

    3 September, 2023

    The tenor trombones and bass trombones no longer hold secrets for our new guest in “Brass Stories.” He never stops developing and perfecting his art, expanding his repertoire, and its stylistic and genre diversity. Dimitar Stoev has no problems with motivation, with the number of rehearsals required, and the time he has to devote for […]

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    Tero Lindberg - The Golden Trumpet: The small secrets of the Finnish professional miracles

    13 May, 2023

    He arrived for the first time in Bulgaria at the end of March as our guest star teacher in our first Master class for trumpet and brass ensembles in popular music. I already knew that nowadays Tero Lindberg is among the best trumpet players worldwide. My first impression at the airport was sunny despite that […]

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    Remko de Jager: Dutch Inspiration with Bulgarian vibes 2022

    14 December, 2022

    Remko de Jager is among the most influential Dutch musicians in European classical and contemporary brass music. He has studied the trombone with George Wiegel at the Rotterdam's Conservatorium. Since 1997, Remko has been a member of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra - tenor and bass trombone. He plays trombones by Adams Brass. Between 2000 and […]

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    Angel Kotev: Beauty in music as a professional credo

    17 August, 2022

    A composer with a long and successful career, Angel Kotev composes in a wide range of genres: symphonic, vocal, chamber, film, children's and electronic-acoustic music. Among his symphonic works, Rhapsody No. 1 "Bulgarian Rhapsody" commissioned by the conductor Young Ho Pak for the California Youth Symphony in the USA. A special and beautiful aspect of […]

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    Dobrin Ivanov: The uncompromising guru of youth wind bands in Bulgaria

    6 August, 2022

    There is a breed of special personalities - reviled by some and respected by others, hated by some and loved by others, controversial during their lifetime and unforgettable when they are gone. Such a person was Dobrin Ivanov, who left us at the end of the summer of 2020. Trombonist, teacher, conductor, creator of 16 […]

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    Georgi Velev: Sunny with trumpet, cinema music and Finnish impressions

    30 July, 2022

    A professional with a 30-year career in popular music, first trumpet and vocalist of the band AKAGA, an artist with a radiant smile and very blue eyes, Georgi Velev is an established name on the Bulgarian and European pop-jazz scene. There are aspects of his career that are no less interesting and equally successful, but […]

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    The contemporary magic of Sonata for trombone and piano by Lazar Nikolov

    24 July, 2022

    The composer Lazar Nikolov (1922-2005) has long been recognized as one of the founders of modern Bulgarian music. With his works, many well-known Bulgarian performers established their name as interpreters of contemporary music. He is the author of 2 operas; 6 symphonies, 3 concertos, Symphonies for 13 strings and other works for symphonic, chamber and […]

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    Krassimir Taskov: Contrasts and Landscapes for the Soul

    24 June, 2022

    Prof. Krassimir Taskov graduated from the National Academy of Music with piano with Prof. Julia Ganeva and Prof. Konstantin Ganev and composition with Prof. P. Stoyanov. He attended the composition courses of Ton de Leeuw and Theo Lоеvendiе in the Netherlands and Anatol Vieru in Romania. Since 1999 he has been the head of the […]

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    Cathy Schule: An exquisite fairy tale for trombone, Bulgarian opera and lavender vibes

    20 June, 2022

    She is an elegant American lady with a sunny smile. Born in North Carolina, she graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory (Bachelor of Music Performance, Trombone) and Columbus State University (Master of Music Performance, Trombone). Her career is almost like a round-the-world trip that led the young performing artist from China through Lebanon, Italy and Bosnia […]

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    Prof. György Gyivicsan: An endless trombone adventure or how to be a rock star in 21st century's classical music

    27 April, 2022

    György Gyivicsan graduated from the University of Szeged – Faculty of Music in 2001. After this he got admitted to the college of Freiburg as one of the pupils of the famous trombonist Branimir Slokar. In 2003 he won the prestigious International competition in Porcia (Italy). In 2004 he received an invitation from prof. Slokar […]

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