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    Brass Perspectives BG
    3 November, 2021

    Since 1st of November 2021 the official website of Brass Perspectives BG is fully functioning in 3 languages: Bulgarian, Dutch and English. An important aspect of our aim to present the contemporary Bulgarian brass stage has come true. The process started at the end of June with the Bulgarian version of the website, in September the second language was online. Now the final step is done.

    We warmly welcome the newest member of our team Mr Ruben Vermeulen. He is taking the responsibility to recreate in Dutch our mission and projects, aims and ambitious plans for the future, presenting Bulgarian brass music both digital and live according to the most important trends of the 21st century and the expectations of the audience in Bulgaria and Europe. 

    With the launch of our official website in Dutch, we would like to express our respect and admirationс for the cultural traditions of the Netherlands and their amazing brass musicians. As always the best is yet to come very soon! 

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    Atanas Karafezliev

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