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    21 November, 2023

    We are pleased to announce that YAMAHA Еurope is the newest distinguished partner of the Brass Perspectives Association. This collaboration will support the International Masterclass for trombone and brass ensembles, featuring Lars Karlin in March 2024.

    The start of this project was in May 2022, when we began our ambitious journey to create а regular calendar of international masterclasses for trombone and brass ensembles. This was not the first step of our team in this journey. Since 2019 we have hosted some of the brightest stars of European and world classical and contemporary brass music, such as Branimir Slokar, György Gyivicsan and Remko de Jager. The visit of Lars Karlin is a reflection of our deep interest in both Northern Europe’s music and in YAMAHA brass instruments.

    Only few of us know or remember that the fascinating story of nowadays worldwide famous YAMAHA Corporation started when its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, repaired a broken reed organ in 1887. Mr Yamaha believed that everyone should be able to enjoy music. Like in a fairy tale, step-by-step he grew the company from the reparations of broken organs through the piano and grand piano manufacturing in 1900. From there, Yamaha expanded to new string and brass instruments and a wide range of products, music-related equipment and innovations. Through the generous support of artists from around the world in all different genres, the art of the music is still in the heart of YAMAHA.

    About the teacher: 
    Besides the fact that he is among the brightest stars of YAMAHA in classical and contemporary brass, Lars Karlin is a fascinating ambassador of Scandinavian culture. He is a Swedish performing artist and arranger who works with the most prominent ensembles and orchestras in Europe. Since 2020 Lars Karlin serves as the principal trombone of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra - the prestigious orchestra of Danish Radio (Danish Broadcasting Corporation - DK).

    The International Masterclass trombone and brass ensembles feat. Lars Karlin (Sweden / Denmark) will be held on 28th - 30st of March, 2024, in Sofia, in collaboration with YAMAHA Europe, the National Academy of Music “Prof. Pаncho Vladigerov” and the Embassy of Denmark in Bulgaria.The event’s programme will include a special lecture module dedicated to the Swedish brass music and its 21 century's composers. 

    The early bird registration starts on 11th of December 2023.
    More information HERE! 

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