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    3 December, 2022

    At the beginning of the festive December, we are happy to share that in 2023 we will be telling our "Brass Stories" with the financial support of the National Culture Fund Bulgaria under the program "Criticism" 2022 - module "Innovative models for criticism". This announcement is a very important recognition of what our team has achieved in the first stage of the development of the project, in which we put a lot of love and commitment to the present, past and future of the Bulgarian school of brass instruments with attention to Bulgarian composers who work in the field of contemporary brass music. The one-year funding that NCF provides us for the second stage of "Brass Stories" will allow us to enrich the content of the project, which will continue to be developed in three languages: Bulgarian, English and Dutch.

    Here are the reasons of the Commission for the evaluation of the project proposals 2022:
    "The Association is made up of professionals and has proven the successful implementation of the projects that have been implemented so far. The project meets the goals and focus of the Program "Criticism" - 2022, "Innovative models" of the National Culture Fund Bulgaria. The team is highly professional and has proven its capacity in real actions. The online project started in September 2021, this is the second stage of its implementation, in which it envisages the expansion of the thematic lines and target groups. The content parameters are concrete and well-argued. The project proposal meets the goals and priorities of program and would lead to qualitative development of the participants."

    Stay tuned for new articles and interviews in our Brass Stories project! Wish us luck!

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    Atanas Karafezliev

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