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  • Gala Concert at The Art of Baroque Festival presents the medieval instruments sackbut and cornett

    Brass Perspectives BG
    18 September, 2021

    The sound of the medieval wind instruments, sackbut and cornett, is going to be heard in the Central Military Club on the 26th of September 2021 at 6PM. The Gala concert, where Bulgarian performers of ancient European music and their Balkan colleagues, is part of the project “Platform for Balkan partnership in the field of ancient music”, which comes to reality with the support of the National Cultural Fund. The event is under the patronage of the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria – Mrs Iliyana Yotova.

    The Gala Concert’s programme includes pieces by Antonio Vivaldi, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Jean-Philippe Rameau and George Frideric Handel. Sackbut and cornett are the only authentic wind instruments, who’s sound you are going to hear at the concert, performed by Emil-George Atanasov and Ivan Ivanov. With the string group alongside the modern instruments are included lute, viola d’amore and viola da gamba. 

    Gala’s participants are:

    Rumyana Kostova – Soprano

    Mirela Alexandrova – Soprano

    Plamen Papazikov – Baritone 

    Anna Torbica – Viola

    Darko Karaic – Lute

    Dimos Kudarulis- Cello

    Pedrag Gosta – Organ, Harpsichord

    Deyan Ivanov – Oboe

    Constantin Kozhuharov – Oboe

    Sabina Yordanova – Fagot 

    Ivan Ivanov – Cornet

    Emil – George Atanasov – Sackbut

    Boyana Maynalovska – Viola d’amore

    Elena Ganova – Violin

    Zaphira Vulova – Violin

    Nikolai Ginov – Viola da gamba

    Ilina Zhablenska – Bass

    Entry is ONLY with pre-purchased tickets from EasyPay and EpayGo. 

    Illustration: “The attributes of music” – oil paint by the French artist Anne Vallayer - Coster

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    Atanas Karafezliev

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